Back in the 80s, I remember borrowing my brother's electric guitar and play, play, play at the basement of my parent's house...By then, Ivan Martinez (who later became guitarist and singer of Passion Fish) joined my sessions with some kind of "drums" made from buckets and a hamster cage. In the early 90's, my older brother Jose Fernandez started composing some songs and at the same time my other brother Alex Fernandez bought a second-hand drum set. So there we were, at the basement, trying to put together my guitar, Jose's songs and Alex's beats! Later on, when Oscar Martinez (Ivan's brother) decided to become our singer and Ivan got an electric guitar and small amp (pretty small by the way) as Christmas's present from his parents, we decided to spend most of our weekends trying to play covers from Bad Religion, NOFX and Green Day. After leaving the covers and focusing more on Jose's songs we started sharing the tapes recorded from the rehearsals with our friends and started doing some shows by the Costa Brava. By then, we were already Passion Fish and a record label from Barcelona called B-CORE Disc decided to make us record a real demo. Our first demo-album "Thank God It's Friday" was then released in 1994.

With Passion Fish, as composer and lead guitarist, I played more than 100 concerts and we released 3 studio albums: “No One Escapes Time” (Moby Disk Records + K-Industria 1996), “Left To Feel” (Moby Disk Records + K-Industria 1998) and “Beat Me” (Moby Disk Records 2000).

By 2004 the band Passion Fish ended all its activity, no more shows and no more recordings.

I continued with my passion for music taking some piano lessons, focusing more on composing and starting my first homemade recordings.

By 2010 my girlfriend was doing a documentary and she asked me if I could compose the music for the film...and I said YES, of course I can. 


Since then, and after breaking the ice, I've been developing my abilities on composing and on recording. So far, I've been lucky to have produced music for a bunch of corporate and promotional videos, two short films and two feature films and for other audiovisual works like a booktrailer or a videomapping.