“El equipo más
 profesional con el que he trabajado. Son los mejores”.

Karen Gómez

Miguel Fernandez (a.k.a mmikkael) was born in Girona in 1976 where he resides nowadays. His musical skills started emerging at the age of 12 when he was learning guitar quicker than his older brother, who was taking lessons from a guitar teacher.
He is mostly a self-taught musician although he has taken lessons from teachers on guitar, piano and composing. By 1994 he founded a punk-rock band called Passion Fish with his brothers and some friends. With Passion Fish he was lead guitarist and composer and recorded a demo and three studio albums.
By 2010 he started composing music for media and setting up his own studio from where he produces all his music. Since then, he has composed music for two short films, two feature films, a bunch of promotional videos, a book-trailer and a video-mapping.